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Palia’s Crazy Giant Frog for Steam Wishlist’s – Wishlist now on 25 Mar!

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Yo, fellow gamers! Guess what? Palia is dropping on Steam next month, and to hype it up, they’re throwing in a sweet deal – the “Giga Frogbert” plushie. So, last year, Palia hit us with that open beta vibe, free-to-play style, on PC, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Store. Now, it’s hitting Steam on March 25. Big shoutout to Singularity 6 for cooking up this community campaign. The deal is, you wishlist Palia on Steam before the launch, and if you do, they’ll gift you an in-game plush frog called Frogbert when you log in within 30 days of the drop.

What’s Bigger the Frog?

But here’s the twist – the more wishlists, the bigger the frog. We’re talking Giga Frogbert vibes here. For every 100,000 wishlists, that amphibian balloons up. The cap is a massive 5x size Frogbert at 500,000 wishlists. Right now, we’re already at 200,000 wishlists, so this frog is blowing up fast. And get this, even if you’re not planning to play on Steam, you can still pitch in by wishlisting. Do it for the sake of the frog gags, man.

Palia, the chill cross-platform MMO, is all about that farm life, crafting, fishing, and romancing villagers. But let’s talk endgame – it’s all about flexing with your pimped-out crib and snagging fancy decor. I’ve been grinding during the seasonal event, scoring limited-time plushies for my in-game bedroom. Now, with this giant Frogbert on the way, I’m like, where am I gonna squeeze this dude in when my bed is already plush city?

What to expect on steam?

Palia’s still in open beta, adding more areas, quests, decor, and seasonal events. The Steam version is dropping with cross-play and cross-progression using your Singularity 6 account. Honestly, it’s already on my radar as one of the best Stardew Valley alternatives. Can’t wait to see how it grows!

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