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OnePlay: Crazy Game-Changer for Indian Gamers in 2024!

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Hey gamers! So, cloud gaming is kind of a big deal worldwide, but it’s been a bit slow to catch on in India. But guess what? OnePlay, our homegrown hero, is diving into the cloud gaming scene, and they’re already in the beta stage.

OnePlay’s Game Collection: Top-Notch Titles and a Unique Twist

Now, what makes One Play cool is that they offer a bunch of top-notch games like EA FC 24, Alan Wake 2, and more. But here’s the catch – you gotta own these games on Steam, Ubisoft, or Epic Games Store to play them on One Play.

Hands-On Experience: Testing OnePlay Across Platforms

We got our hands dirty testing this on Windows PC, macOS, iOS, and Android, and the vibe was pretty good. Even playing intense games like Apex Legends on a MacBook Air with an M1 chip was smooth.

But, hey, it’s beta time, so a few bugs tagged along. Cyberpunk 2077 needed a hefty update before playing on this, but no worries – the One Play team is on it, promising automatic updates for Steam games.

Android Adventures: Hiccups, Resizing Woes, and Connectivity Assurance

Trying it on Android had some hiccups with button resizing and lag, but this assures us these are rare issues related to connectivity or location and won’t be bothering us much.

OnePlay’s Evolution: From Beta to Better

As One Play evolves from beta, they’re adding cool stuff like password-less signup and tweaking the user interface for a slicker experience. And of course, they’re stomping out bugs along the way.


Unlocking the Fun: OnePlay’s Subscription Tiers

Now, let’s talk subscriptions! it offers three tiers: Foundation, Enhanced, and Ultimate. Foundation starts at ₹39 per month for 720p gaming for an hour daily. Want 1080p? That’s ₹49 per month. The costs go up based on your gaming hours, with unlimited gaming in the Foundation tier at ₹599 per month and Enhanced tier at ₹699 per month.

PlanGaming HoursPrice
Foundation (720p)1₹39
Enhanced (1080p)1₹49
Ultimate (4K)Unlimited₹999

For 4K enthusiasts, there’s the Ultimate tier at ₹999 per month, offering unlimited hours. Crunching some numbers, if you’re a hardcore gamer doing six hours daily on the Ultimate package, it’s around ₹5-6 per hour – not bad!

No Place for Gambling Games: OnePlay’s Clear Stance

One Play is keeping it real by saying a big no to gambling games on their platform – they’re all about creating a gaming space without that kind of content. They spilled the beans to IGN India, revealing that fantasy titles won’t be making an appearance either. But don’t worry, it got everyone covered – from the hardcore AAA gamers to the chill casual players.

Connecting Smoothly with Telecom Partners: Enhancing the Cloud Gaming Experience

And guess what? it is all about making your cloud gaming experience buttery smooth. They spilled the beans that they’re teaming up with telecom partners in India to make sure your connection stays rock-solid during those intense gaming sessions. Plus, they’re thinking big – exploring options to bundle up their services with telecom providers. It’s like getting your gaming fix as part of a cool package deal!

JioGames Cloud: A Competitor, but OnePlay Holds Its Ground: Confidence in Diversity and Quality

Now, let’s talk about competition. Jio Games Cloud might be in the ring, but this isn’t breaking a sweat. They’re confident that the cloud gaming playground in India has space for everyone. it is flexing its gaming muscles with a portfolio that outshines Jio Games Cloud both in terms of quantity and quality. With hundreds of games to choose from, it is here to play the game their way.

So, whether you’re a pro gamer, a casual player, or somewhere in between, it is gearing up to be your go-to gaming buddy in India. Get ready for a friendly faceoff in the cloud gaming world – it’s game on!

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What games does OnePlay offer?

One Play provides a variety of AAA titles, including EA FC 24, Alan Wake 2, Palworld, Baldur’s Gate 3, and more. Just remember, you need to own these games on platforms like Steam, Ubisoft, or Epic Games Store.

How does OnePlay perform on different devices?

We tested One Play on Windows PC, macOS, iOS, and Android. Overall, the experience was good, but as with any beta, there were a few bugs. The team is actively working on improving performance and user experience.

What are the common issues faced by users during beta testing?

Some users reported issues, especially with Cyberpunk 2077, requiring a massive update. One Play acknowledged these concerns and is working on automatic updates for games offered through Steam to ensure smoother gameplay.

Can I play OnePlay on Android smartphones without issues?

While there were some isolated issues related to button resizing and input lag on Android smartphones, OnePlay mentioned that these instances are rare and may be attributed to network connectivity or location. They are actively addressing such concerns.

What improvements can we expect as OnePlay moves out of beta?

OnePlay has introduced password-less signup and made UI enhancements, including a search feature. They are committed to optimizing the overall performance, troubleshooting errors, and fixing bugs during the transition from beta to a more polished service.

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