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Meta’s Facebook Down, Instagram Down, And Messenger Platforms are Down

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instagram down

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger suddenly Stopped working on Monday, leading to a major outage that impacted millions of users worldwide.

Social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger experienced a widespread outage on Thursday, leaving users unable to access the services as usual. as Facebook down, Instagram down and Messenger is also down.

The outage, believed to be linked to Meta, the parent company of these platforms, caused various issues. Facebook users were logged out and unable to log back in, while Instagram was completely inaccessible.

Unlike other companies, Meta does not maintain official status pages for its consumer products. Additionally, no updates regarding the outage were posted on their official accounts on platforms like Twitter.

Facebook And Instagram Down

On Tuesday, outage tracking website reported widespread outages for Meta’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. Specifically, Downdetector registered over 300,000 outage reports for Facebook and over 20,000 reports for Instagram from users and other sources. By aggregating these status updates, Downdetector provides real-time tracking of major service disruptions.

It’s important to note that Meta does have a status page for its business products, such as advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This page indicated that all business products were functioning normally.

Hundreds of people took to the microblogging site X, formerly known as Twitter, reporting outages on Facebook and Instagram. One user wrote, “Is Meta down or am I being hacked? My Instagram isn’t loading and I’m logged out of my Facebook account.” Another said, “I thought my Facebook and Instagram were hacked for a second.” “I came to X to see if Instagram is down once again,” another user tweeted. A user named ‘Fram Freeman’ claimed, “I’ve been scrambling to change my passwords multiple times, thinking I was racing against hackers like in a movie.”

Interestingly, WhatsApp, another service owned by Meta, seemed to be unaffected by the outage and continued to work as usual.

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